Fashion Dolls

It's been a while since this editorial was first published on Vogue Paris and, according to the blogsphere rules, I'm totally late in publishing it. By the wat, I think these photos are great and they are totally going to be part of future Fashion history books, so I'm sharing them with my readers,
Giampaolo Sgura photographed Magdalena Frackkkowiak and Elisabet Erm in the manner of fake Barbies, clearly taking inspiration from the controversial Moschino SS15 runway show. And, as I said, I think this is brilliant! I can only say "bravo" to the whole creative team who made this happen. But there is actually one thing I'd like to point out as a Barbie-lover and former collector: I rember how amazing Barbie's tiny packages looked like and the joy I felt while opening them, but I also remember my disappointement when I realized that inside those lovely pink boxes there were just few accessories: a tiny hairbrush and a pair of shoes for my doll, a bracelet or an hairclip for me. These human-size packages instead are completely fulled with bags, jewels, sunglasses, pets and props. So now my question is what should a girl choose between having more Barbie accessories when she was a kid, or owning the human-size designer contents from one of these Vogue boxes?

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  1. sono bellissime, ne avevo parlato anch'io tempo fa!



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