El Nuevo Gran Retro - Elle Mexico April 2012

This season, retro looks are the key. It doesn’t matter if they are actually vintage or just “inspired” (we all know Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Prada, Bottega Veneta and many other designers did a great job about that), but it does matter if you can add a modern edge (compatible with your own style) to that look. And that’s exactly what Nick Nelson wanted to do when he styled Zuzana Gregorova as an irreverent, fancy and chic vintage lady.

Two or at least three pieces, elegant shoes and huge earrings are the only ingredients you’ll need to accomplish the Gran Retro vintage style recipe, ‘cause less is actually more. Toss with a beautiful model like Zuzana, a talented photographer like Takahiro Ogawa, that cute messy bouffant by hair stylist Tetsuya Yamakata and… ready to serve your lovable editorial! ;)

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